5 Reasons Dentists Use Invisalign to Straighten Teeth

Invisalign is a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of plastic trays called aligners.  Invisalign treatment has grown in popularity over the past few years and has been used to treat over a million patients.  Many potential patients are drawn to the treatment for esthetic reasons; however, Invisalign offers several other great benefits that make it a more practical and comfortable option than traditional braces.  If you have wanted to straighten your teeth for a while, consider the following advantages that Invisalign provides over traditional braces.

5 great reasons to straighten teeth with Invisalign treatment:

  • Same results as traditional braces.  Since its inception in 1997, Invisalign’s ability to move teeth has improved dramatically.  Today’s Invisalign is able to accomplish many of the treatment goals that traditional braces are able to do via a much more comfortable and attractive system.
  • Easy to eat.  Invisalign retainers are removable.  Patients simply remove the retainers when they eat, making it possible to eat all their favorite foods, including apples and corn-on-the-cob, while teeth are being straightened. 
  • Less expensive.  The overall cost of Invisalign treatment may be up to several thousand dollars less than that of traditional braces. 
  • Low maintenance.  Traditional braces may be difficult to care for and maintain.  Patients have to use special floss and other cleaning instruments. With traditional braces it may be more challenging to maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath, and the process is oftentimes very time consuming. On the contrary, it’s easy to brush with Invisalign since the retainers are removable.  You simply brush and floss as you normally would. 
  • Can’t see them.  Invisalign retainers are clear, making them much less awkward looking than traditional braces.  This system works really well for anyone in the working sector, who would like to straighten teeth, but need to maintain a professional appearance.

Straightening teeth with Invisalign has many advantages.  In addition to the more obvious esthetic advantage, they are more comfortable, easy to care for and more affordable than metal braces.  Orthodontists and family dentists who have been properly trained can provide Invisalign treatment.