Our Periodontal Services

Periodontal Treatment Services Framingham, MA

Learn how our expert team of doctors and staff can diagnose and treat gum disease or create a beautiful smile. We use all the latest procedures, including dental lasers, to help restore periodontal health and help you save your teeth for a lifetime.

Periodontics involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum disease. A periodontist is a dentist who has completed additional years of specialty training in periodontics at a post-doctoral educational program. Dr. Feuerman and Dr. Castellucci are certified periodontists, each with over 30 years of experience, and provide expert periodontal care. Learn More
The All-On-Four procedure is a unique implant solution that allows patients who are missing all of their upper or lower teeth to replace a full arch of teeth using only 4 implants as “anchors” for the full restoration. This technique offers many advantages over traditional dentures. Learn More
Dental laser surgery uses a beam of intense light to correct dental problems. The energy produced by the laser cuts or vaporizes the tissue it is concentrated on. Laser surgery often means less discomfort, an easier and quicker recovery time and fewer shorter appointments. Learn More
Dental implants are the best and most conservative choice for “permanently” replacing one or more missing teeth. This remarkable advancement in dental treatment has dramatically changed the quality of life for thousands of our patients by restoring health, chewing ability, and beautiful, natural smiles. Learn More
Computer Guided Surgery is an innovative new technology that allows our doctors to perform virtual implant surgery prior to the procedure. Using 3D computerized imaging, the doctor can visualize the anatomy of the patient’s jaw and plan the exact placement of the implants. This technology also helps provide important information about bone quality and quantity before surgery begins. This advance knowledge helps our doctors to prepare for implant surgery and anticipate the necessary treatments, thus reducing the length of surgery and improving overall recovery times. Learn More
Since the early 1990′s, Dr. Feuerman and Dr. Castellucci have been able to predictably regenerate bone around natural teeth and on edentulous jaw ridges in association with implant reconstruction. Learn More
At Periodontal Associates, Dr. Feuerman and Dr. Castellucci can help you replace your teeth in one appointment in one day. If it is determined that you are an appropriate candidate for these procedures, replacement teeth ranging from a single tooth restoration to a full arch of teeth can be delivered on the same day as the dental implants are placed. These procedures can oftentimes be accomplished successfully even if your natural teeth have to be removed on the same day. Learn More
Periodontal Associates is the first office in Massachusetts, and one of the first offices in the USA, to use PRGF. Plasma Rich in Growth Factors is used to enhance and maximize bone regeneration, as well as healing from a variety of surgical procedures. It is well known that there are many naturally occurring blood proteins which serve to speed up and maximize wound healing. PRGF is created in our office by taking a small amount of the patient’s own blood and centrifuging it according to a precise protocol developed by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, a world-renowned physician, dentist, researcher, and educator from Spain. The growth factors are concentrated and PRGF is mixed with graft materials, or used by itself, to promote faster healing for patients! Please feel free to discuss PRGF with one of our doctors.