Dental Implants – Teeth In A Day For Christmas

In 1944, Don Gardner wrote the famous song with lyrics that included “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. Little did he know that over 72 years later, we can make this wish become a reality in one day. It is interesting to see how many of our patients are trying to restore their smiles and function before the holidays. With the current implant design features which include roughened surfaces, tapered implant bodies, and aggressive thread patterns, we have been able to place implant fixtures into extraction sockets and then attach temporary abutments and crowns with great predictability and success. Fully edentulous arches can be restored on just four implant fixtures. These procedures are incredibly gratifying for both the patients and the practitioners. Although we have been placing implants in our practice for over 30 years, the excitement continues as the technology evolves! Happy Holidays!



photo credit: Zazzle