DENTSPLY ANKYLOS SynCone Overdentures

Our Periodontal Associates study club co-hosted a meeting the other night with Dentsply on the topic of overdentures. The material was expertly presented by Ira Dickerman of Dickerman Dental Prosthetics and Dr. Theo Kapos from Harvard Dental School. In particular, the Ankylos Syncone protocol was reviewed.

This seems to be an extremely precise, stable, and cost-effective method for delivery of an implant-supported overdenture prosthesis. It also appears as though the protocol may be modified to support a fixed “hybrid” prosthesis on four implant fixtures.

Even though I have been involved with implant dentistry for over 21 years, it is exciting to see new developments and technologies that can have a tremendous impact on improving the quality of life for our patients. Comment or thoughts (especially from our international members)?