Periodontal Associates Testimonials

Periodontal Associates Testimonials

Since 1952, Periodontal Associates has been helping our patients enjoy an improved quality of life by eliminating oral disease and restoring beautiful smiles. Remember, there are no substitutes for experience and expertise – especially when it comes to your health.

“I was devastated to learn that my front tooth was infected and that it had to be removed. Dr. Feuerman gently removed my tooth, built up the bone and gums, and placed the dental implant to support my new tooth. Thank you to Dr. Feuerman and his staff for giving me back my beautiful smile!”
– Linda, Dental Implant

“When I lost my tooth in an accident, I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, my dentist referred me to Dr. Cary Feuerman for my dental implant. Now I can smile with confidence once again! Thank you so much!”
– Michelle, Dental Implant

“Dr. Feuerman and the wonderful staff at Periodontal Associates helped me regain my dental health and beautiful smile with dental implants and treatment for my gums! I can once again enjoy my favorite foods, and speak and smile without being afraid of what people may think. My quality of life has changed dramatically. Thank you!”
– Janet, Dental Implant, Gum Disease Treatment

“I have a dentist in the family who urged me to finally see a specialist to help me restore my chewing function and appearance. I have a very strong bite and my teeth were being worn down. After two treatment visits with Dr. Feuerman, I was ready to have my new teeth made. The results are incredible. I am so happy. I highly recommend Dr. Cary Feuerman and Periodontal Associates. Their experience and professionalism are hard to top!”
– Jeff, Cosmetic Gum Shaping with Crowns

“Unfortunately, I lost most of my teeth at an early age. When I was a young man, dentistry was not as sophisticated as it is today. If you had a problem with a tooth, it would often have to be removed. I suffered for many, many years with removable dentures. I had trouble speaking and eating, and was always afraid that my dentures would fall out when I was in public. Then, 22 years ago when I was 72 years old, Dr. Feuerman introduced me to the miracle of implant dentistry. After one simple procedure, I had my lower jaw restored in 1988 on just four dental implants. My life instantly changed for the better, and my permanent implant teeth have never had to be changed or repaired in any way. I feel so lucky and grateful to the wonderful staff and doctors at Periodontal Associates. I highly recommend the office!”
– Hy, Dental Implants

“Thank you Dr Feuerman for helping me. I had been suffering with dentures and gum disease for a long time. Even though I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on treatment, I was able to have my doctors make a new denture supported by just two dental implants. My lower denture is solid and I eat everything!”
– Paul, Implant Patient

“In my day, “I hate to go to the dentist” was a very common expression. I erased this feeling when I met up with Dr. Cary Feuerman. I have been his patient for many years, and I only have positives to say about him. He is extremely efficient in his profession, caring, fair and still interested in the dentistry he had performed in the past. His office group is the best! Debbie, Suzanne, Jo, Ellen and the rest!”
– Millie, Dental Implants

“I traumatized my front tooth when I was younger. After many different treatment processes I now have an implant / crown and my smile restored. It matches my natural teeth perfectly. Very grateful to Dr. Castellucci for his expertise.”
– Nicole, Dental Implants

“I was told by different dentists that all my teeth were rotten. I still have many of my own teeth and feel like a whole person again. Extremely appreciative of Dr. Castellucci and the group for giving me a healthy, esthetic mouth , and being able to chew again. ”
– Gary, Gum Disease

“At 37 years of age, I was told by my dentist that all my teeth needed to be extracted as there was nothing they could do to save them.

After being treated by Dr.’ s Castellucci for my periodontal disease over a period of about 2 years I have all my teeth and have never been more pleased with my appearance and smile.”
– Honor, Gum Disease

“No adult wishes to lose a tooth. My last memory of losing teeth was when my wisdom teeth were extracted, and I really wish I had someone like Dr. Castellucci. Instead, that memory was of a painful ordeal. I was not looking forward to having another tooth extracted. Unfortunately, age and circumstance intervened and I cracked a tooth vertically into the root, and needed it removed. Luckily, my dentist recommended Dr. Castellucci and the staff at Periodontal Associates. He and they calmed my concerns about the extraction and placement of an implant to replace the tooth.

The staff were very accommodating in scheduling all the events. Dr. Castellucci took as much time as I needed to answer my questions about the extraction and implant process, and follow-up events prior to placing a crown. He accommodated my medical needs when choosing which pain-numbing agents used to ensure I did not feel any discomfort during the procedure. The extraction was over very quickly and the implant proceeded equally fast. The follow-ups were always done at times convenient to my schedule and always punctual to start. Everything was extremely professional and a very positive personal experience. His staff were always courteous, and showed that I was their primary concern. Thus, it is easy to recommend Dr. Castellucci and his staff at Periodontal Associates for an outstanding experience. ”
– Frank, Implant Patient