Dentists and Dental Laboratory Technicians Team Up for Success at the ADA Annual Session

The 2010 House of Delegates resolved to encourage certified dental technicians to attend ADA continuing education seminars, including as presenters.

That resolve will be carried out at ADA Annual Session in Las Vegas this month when Dentists and Dental Laboratory Technicians Team Up for Success is presented. The course, created for both dentists and dental laboratory technicians, is scheduled for 8-10:30 a.m. Oct. 13 in room L3 Palm C. Its goal is to outline techniques dentists and dental lab technicians can use for successful long-term collaborative treatment planning.

“This course is designed to deepen and further define the long-standing symbiotic relationship between dental laboratory technicians and dentists, which has proven through the years to deliver the highest quality dental solutions available to patients in the world,” said Dr. Charles (Bill) D’Aiuto, member of the Council on Dental Practice and chair of its Subcommittee on the Future of Dental Laboratory Technology. “As the dental office paradigm shifts so will the working relationships, needs and requirements that dentists share with our dental laboratory technicians colleagues.”

The course will be presented by Nelson Rego, certified dental technician, who will help participants learn how to communicate about lab prescriptions more effectively, create better impressions and more successful restorations and understand how digital photography can be used for treatment planning.

“In the past, we have become aware of the need to strengthen the long-standing working relationship we as dentists have with our dental technician colleagues,” Dr. D’Aiuto said. “With the advent of vast new technologies in delivering dental prostheses with facilities available around the world to fabricate them, it is now starkly evident that no amount of outsourcing of basic dental prostheses can or ever will replace the need for the collaboration of the dentist with the domestic dental technician in delivering the total dental product that has become the envy of the world. ”

Source: American Dental Association